Junhua Group was founded, focusing on real estate development.

In 1997

The Jiangnanshijia Qingyi Garden Villa project opened, creating a sales record for the single-family villas in Guangzhou.

In 2000

Distributed bulk commodities and launched the development of multiple industries.

In 2002

Controlled the share of the first venture capital company in China - Shenzhen SME Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Invested in hundreds of small and medium-sized technology companies and promoted the listing of many companies.

In 2003

The export of aluminum products ranked among the top 20 in China, and the aluminum trade volume ranked the first in the country.

In 2006

The market share of copper wire billets was the Top Three.
Became Class A partner with Dongfeng Honda, and Dongben (Guangzhou) Junhua 4S store opened.

In 2007

Participated in the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank and Guangzhou Bank.

In 2009

Became the largest copper rod supply chain enterprise in South China.

In 2010

Junhua Real Estate had been ranked among the top 100 real estate companies in China.

In 2013

With revenue of 33.8 billion yuan, mergers and acquisitions of a number of property management companies were carried out.

In 2014

Achieved the revenue of 59.3 billion yuan and ranked among the top 50 of Chinese private enterprises.

In 2015

The total assets exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the revenue was 157 billion yuan, ranking the top in Guangzhou private enterprises.
With 4.8 billion yuan, controlled the shares of Qixiangtengda (002408), the largest share merger and acquisition case of A shares in recent years.
Completed the distribution of six major industries such as Gongtongyun, Chemical industry, Cultural Tourism, Real Estate, Community and Finance.

In 2016

With 4.2 billion yuan, controlled the share of Sinoer (002485), successfully expanding the Group's main business extension.

The Guangzhou General Headquarters Building officially started and will become the landmark building of Guangzhou Science City.

In 2017

About Cedar

About Cedar

The predecessor of Cedar Holdings - King Vision Group was founded in 1997. It is one of the most vigorous privately-operated holding groups emerging in the process of China’s reform and opening-up.

In 2017, Cedar Holdings total annual revenue reached 221 billion Yuan and ranked 361st on the Fortune 500 list as the only Fortune 500 company from Guangzhou.

“Revive China with industry, requite society with value” is the corporate mission of Cedar Holdings. Cedar Holdings has been through over 20 years and is at its most prosperous stage. For 21 years, Cedar holds a positive view of China’s economy, practicing the strategic methodology of “reconstructing industrial value, persisting in futurism”, focusing on the industrial transformation and consumption upgrading in China, pushing forward the supply-side structural reform, and actively serving national strategies.

As a multi-industry group based in the manufacturing industry, Cedar Holdings possesses six different industry groups: Gongtongyun Supplychain Group, Chemical Industry Supplychain Group, Cultural Tourism Group, King Vision Real Estate Group, and Community Ecology Operation Group. Cedar Holdings is also the owner of two A-share listed companies: Qixiang Tengda (002408) and Sinoer (002485).

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King Cheung: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cedar Holdings Group

Founder of Cedar Holdings Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Bachelor of Economics from Shenzhen University.

Mr. King Cheung founded Junhua Group in Guangzhou in 1997, and reorganized and consolidated his industry into the Cedar Holdings Group in 2015. Mr. King Cheung ranks the 18th in the 2018 New Fortune 500 Rich List, the 73rd in the 2017 Forbes China Rich List, and the 75th in the 2017 Hurun Report.

Mr. King Cheung has been enthusiastic about public welfare and charity for many years. In 2008, he founded the Cedar Public Welfare Foundation, making important contributions to the public welfare undertakings in the areas of targeted poverty alleviation, “Belt and Road” cultural construction, ecological environment management and education.

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Strategic Methodology

Cedar is a reconstructor of the industrial value. We firmly rooted in the industry, improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, focus on China's industrial transformation and consumption upgrades, and fully promoted supply-side structural reforms and actively serve the national strategy.

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